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What is ListMyWebsite.net?


ListMyWebsite.net is a web directory where you can submit your website to get listed in the web directory. So, people who visit this website can find your website link and they can directly come to your website.


Is ListMyWebsite directory a human edited?


Yes, all the links submitted to ListMyWebsite.net directory are checked and edited by a human moderator before validating them to display for general public. Only those links that are good, informative and suitable for the internet users will be passed to list on ListMyWebsite directory.


What are the benefits of getting listed on ListMyWebsite directory?


Your site will get more visitors and your business profits increases as people who visit this website can find your website link and they can directly come to your website.


Why is this service free?


This service is financed through the revenue earned by advertising on the website.


Do you charge any thing if I want my website listed in your directory?


No. there is no fee if you submit your site in free listing category. But, we charge $5 per month for featured listing category.


How many days should I wait to get approved and listed in free listing category after submission?


Approval of free listing category takes 2-5 days. But, featured listing is approved in a few hours after payment is verified.


How many months can my site be listed in free listing category?


There is no time limit for free listing category. Your website will be listed in our directory as long as you carry reciprocal link of our directory in your website.


I have a website hosted on free hosting server, can I submit my website to this directory?


Any website hosted on free hosting server can only be submitted to featured listing category unless your site has a Google Page Rank of 3 or higher.





Why do I need to register?


If you want to list your website links in this directory, then you need to register a member account because you can not login to the member area without a valid member account. Without a valid member account you can not verify, edit, update your website link information that yiou have submitted to this directory.


What is the registration fee?


Registration free for regular membership is US$6 and premium membership is US$12. Premium membership allows you to submit 10 website listings to premium listing category. Please read our membership plans.


Can I upgrade my membership?


Yes, you can upgrade your membership subscription at any time you want.


I've already registered and logged in to my account but I can't find my website links in my account?#


Once you are successfully logged to your account, you will see the listing of your website links that you already submitted. You can edit and update link information or you can even remove your listings. But, the email address you are currently logged in and the email address you provided when submitting your website links are not the same, you won't see your submission. In this case, you have to create another account with the same email address you used when submitting your links. So that you will be able to manage your submitted links.







I've filled out the submit link page several times and cannot get it to submit. Why?


Please follow the steps below and you'll have no problem submitting your link to our directory.

  1. Do exactly as described in the submission rules.
  2. If your provided information is incorrect or insurfficient you'll get an error message.
  3. You'll also see the suggestions in the error messages.
  4. Please amend your submission according to those suggestions.

How can I delete my submission?


To delete your submission, you need to be logged in to your account. Use your username and password or your Facebook account to login. Once your are logged in, go to the listing page (Regular Listings/Premium Listings), you will see the delete link option as below.

Delete link




How do I remove my link that someone else has submitted

Please go to the link details page and you will see the 'Remove' link. If you are the rightful owner of the link and you do not wish your link to be listed in this directory then click the link and fill up the removal request form. An email will be sent out to the person who submitted your link. It is very easy for him/her to remove your link as a one-click removal link will be provided in the message.


How do I remove my link






What is reciprocal link url?


A reciprocal link url means a web page in your website where you have to provide a link back to linstmywebsite.net in exchange for publishing your website in our directory. For a example: your website url is (http://www.yourwebsite.com) and you put our reciprocal link code on (useful_links.html) then that page url (http://www.yourwebsite.com/useful_links.html) is called reciprocal link url.


Do I need to put reciprocal link on the main page of my website?


No, it is not necessary to put reciprocal link to this directory in your main index page. But, it should be within your own website. For example, reciprocal link page should be (http://www.yourwebsite.com/useful_links.html) or any other page name, etc. Not on another website or free web hosting server.


I've placed a reciprocal link code on my website. Why is the following error message showing in my listing edit page?


No Reciprocal Link to www.listmywebsite.net in the URL [*******************] you have provided .If you change the reciprocal link page then please update reciprocal url or your link will be permanently removed.

You are seeing this message becasue our script did npt find the reciprocal link you have provided on your website. This might be happened when certain web server block our script from scanning the contents hosted on their server. We always double check the reciprocal links before activating all submissions therefore If you are seeing this message in error then please do not worry about it.


Can I remove reciprocal link to this directory from my website after my site is approved and listed in this directory?


If your site is submitted into free listing category, you CAN NOT REMOVE reciprocal link to this website. But, your site is listed in featured listing category then you can remove reciprocal link to this website.


Why am I getting a warning message that 'Multiple submissions of the same link is not allowed"?


You are getting this error message because you are trying to resubmit a link that is already exists in our database.


Why is No Image thumbnail is showing in my website link display page instead of a thumbnail image of my website?


"No Image" thumbnail is a default image that will show up with every website link that has no actual thumbnail image exitsted in our server. To fix this, please login to your account and upload a thumbnail image of your website by clicking "Edit Website" page.




What type of advertising do you offer?

We offer web banner and text link advertisements for your company or organisation to reach your products and services to the targeted market. Your banner or link advertisements will be displaying throughout the pages of listmywebsite.net.



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How can I make payment for featured listing?


We accept payment through Paypal.



Premium Membership

What is Premium Membership?


Premium listings are the best choice for businesses that want to reach their products/services to the wider range of customers. Your website links will be seen by many people including search engines.

- Premium membership allows you to submit 10 premium listings

- Your links submitted to Premium listings will be displaying in both parent and child category pages

- No reciprocal links required for premium links.

- Your links are instantly activated.

- No need to pass compulsory link validation process.


What is Premium Membership fee?


Premium membership fee is US$9.99. This is one time fee and you don't need pay monthly for premium membership.


Can I edit my premium listing information?


Yes, you can edit your premium listing information including your link URL at any time you like.


How can I register for premium membership?

Please go to premium listing page and pay for membership fee. You can make payment with credit card or Paypal. Once your payment has processed, a new premium member account will be created and an email containing username and password will be sent to you. Your premium member account is already activated and you can start submitting your links to premium listings.