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Dental tourism is so popular to Hungary because treatment is discounted to European dental rates. Why is it cheaper? It is because Hungary is an Eastern European post communist country where prices mostly in case of medical services are lower in general than in Western Europe. Dental tourism is more and more popular in the circle of German, English, Irish, Swiss and French patients year by year. The primary reason for these patients is that dental treatments are cheaper by 50-70% in Hungary than in their home countries. The local dentists of the dental tourism patients try to convince them that the quality of foreign treatments is worse, the raw materials used are of lower quality. This of course is not true, Hungarian dentists use the same basic ingredients such as their counterparts in Ireland, the UK and so on..., they work in state-of-the-art-clinics which in some cases even surpass the Western European clinics. Go for a free quote from Budapest Top Dental a leader dental touri

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