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Are you in MLM, Network marketing? Are you in ANY online business? Do you have a offline/Bricks&Mortar business? Do you provide a service? Do you work for yourself? Do you/your business need more eyes on their website? Does you business need more customers? Have you tried all other marketing/advertising methods? NOW ENTER A NEW ERA ! THE NEXT GENERATION OF MARKETING/ADVERTISING. I Present to you ASIRVIA. Find out more - www.businessadvertisingsolution.com No matter what business you are in this is the perfect addition to your advertising! Imagine how amazing it would be to send a special offer to everyone walking by…straight to their smartphone. Well, imagine no more – amazing is here. Order yours today! The Asirvia Go! Beacon is battery powered and lasts two years. A few more fun facts about this amazing device: Keep an Asirvia Go! in your car and promote your brand wherever you go. Keep one at each active listing for 24/7 marketing to anyone walking by. Find out

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