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Kid Hero Stories

We create weekly personalized books that make your kid the hero. See their photo in the pictures, read their names on every page. New customized bedtime e-stories are created and delivered every week. Select your series according to their age group and submit their photos and names. You will receive a new collectible, personalized e-book every week to add to your portable, handy, go-anywhere library. Sibling books are also available for up to 3 kids to share their adventures together. Order from our website at www.kidherostories.com Gift packs and Free Sample Books are available too. We make your kids the stars.

Author Joel Goulet

Discover the many novels by award winning multi-genre author Joel Goulet. Do an author search at online bookstores, or visit his internationally awarded website for novel information and excerpts.

The Cupcake Theory

Are you looking to fulfill your desires for romantic relationships? If yes, then you are on right place. Visit our website http://www.cupcaketheorybook.com/ for more information. We are just a click away!!!