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Linen Mart Discounted Linen Supplier

Linen Mart is an online Hotels and Hospitality product supplier that provides discounted hotel linen to our valued customers. We specialize in wholesale bed linen for hotels & discounted hotel linens.

Tiny Home Accessories

We are geared towards small space living and tiny homes. Organization, LED, Solar and Space Saving. Free shipping worldwide!


Round, Oval and Rectangular glass domes for sale for clocks, dolls, and taxidermy. We have both antique dome and new domes for sale. We carry anniversary clock domes and clock bases.


MadGrannys | Shop and $Save$ on Comforter Sets in all sizes Queen / King / California King / Full plus Free Shipping. Harbor House, Home Essence, Madison Park, Echo Design, Mizone, Avenue 8, and many more Bedding Sets range from 3 pieces up to 20 pieces.

Cotton Affairs | bed linen | quilt covers | bed sheets | Towels

Cotton Affairs was founded in Sydney , Australia in 1996. Specialising in home wares.We offer the largest and most comprehensive range of bed linen, quilt cover, sheet, towels, cushions, fabric, printed sheet,tea towels and coordinationg household accessories . The quality of a fabric is typically measured by thread count, which is the number of threads per square inch. In other words, thread count measures the closeness of the weave in the fabric. The higher the thread count, the better the quality in terms of softness and comfort. Bed linen with anything less than a thread count of 200 will feel coarse to touch and have a limited life span. The ideal range for high-end bed linen is between 400 and 600. Beyond that, longevity starts to reduce, as the thread has to be extremely fine to achieve such a high thread count. www.cottonaffairs.com.au